In the plays we present we try not to be “clever” nor do we try to preach, merely to entertain and enjoy ourselves at the same time. In fact the only thing we have of in abundance is enthusiasm, and we would like our audiences to catch some of it.

Jim Leslie, Founder and Former Valley Players President

The Valley Players have been performing to loyal and appreciative audiences in Seaton Delaval, Northumberland, England, since 1965.  Jim Leslie wrote those words over forty years ago, but they are still true to the group and its activities today.

The Valley Players are based in the Community Centre, Seaton Delaval, but we draw our membership from an area which extends to south east Northumberland, Tyneside and Newcastle. Our audiences come from even further afield – some even venture from Wearside!

We pride ourselves on maintaining and enhancing a high standard of production. This covers all the activities that go towards bringing a play to life – learning lines, rehearsing, building the sets and other work backstage. Thanks to a National Lottery grant a few years ago we have a controlled lighting board to enable us to create complex and impressive lighting effects.

Above all, however, we aim to enjoy ourselves while entertaining others.

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